2020-2021 PANINI PZM Basketball Cards Worth Your?


We have a new Prizm Basketball release on March 31, 2021. This is the first Prizm Basketball release since the March 2020 sports card craze. It is highly sought-after, and the price reflects that. This year, the draft class isn’t as popular as the one last year, when Zion Williamson was on board and John Morant. I will give you an overview of the new product and provide you with all the information you need to purchase it.

It’s true; it is pretty expensive. However, before making that purchase, we must do our research. I will give my opinion and a strategy if you decide not to buy the product in the end. These are my thoughts. Always do your research before purchasing any product. And don’t listen to anyone on Instagram or YouTube. Always do what is best for you.

Before we get into the numbers, let’s first discuss the hobby box breakdown for the 2020-2021 Prizm Basketball hobby box. The set contains 300 base cards. This is a lot of base cards! You get 12 cards per pack, so that’s 144 cards in one hobby box. You will receive two autographs, 22 prisms, and ten inserts on average. On average, you get two autographs, 22 prisms, and ten inserts. It is not guaranteed. Sometimes, you end up throwing away those Panini points.

This set is extraordinary. This is what I found most interesting about this set. You’ll get 15 players in the entire group. Although I cannot guarantee each box, there will be 15 players in the throwback 2012 design. This is the first year of the prism, and it’s fantastic. You have the potential to get some of these cards in your hobby box. I can also see them having some great value. These are very cool Panini. Bravo!
You also have the chance to get cards you won’t ever see again, such as a one-on-1 black parallel. It’s great, but you won’t get it. The numbers aren’t in favor of you on that one.

What are we trying to achieve with this box? What would you be looking for if I were buying this? Well, I am a substantial LaMelo fan. He’s going to be a good NBA player, so he’s my top rookie target. We are looking for his base card as well as any numbered cards or auto cards. Anthony Edwards, Tyrese Haliburton, and Immanuel Quickley are all available. I’m referring to the other big rookie targets, as well as some numbered cards, or auto cards, of superstars like LeBron, Luka, and Zion.

That’s it. Let’s now look at the details of this product. The lowest price I could find for this product on eBay was $2,200 when making this video. It looks like a blowout card sells it for around $2,500. Let’s say you pay $2,200 for this box. Depending on your location, it could be a little more or less, but it’s likely to be the average. You pay $15.27 per card if you divide $200 by 144 cards. It’s crazy! But it’s all good. First, let’s get rid of the autos and the 22 Prizms. Then let’s get rid of the ten inserts. This means that you will receive an average of 110 base cards per hobby package.

Let’s take a look at the cards we wanted to hit for a moment. My estimate of LaMelo Ball Prizm is that it will cost around $200. It’s likely to be offered higher initially, but on average, I believe it will be around $200. This is about the price Zion sold for last year. The cheapest Zion card I could find is a 2019 ungraded Prizm for $150. That’s card number 248, probably because Zion was the most drafted player since LeBron James. Zion is still enjoying a great year. He had a great year this year. And you know Zion is probably the highest-selling rookie card in basketball.

Concerning the Prizm stuff, his PSA 10 currently sells for around $700. People will list the LaMelo Ball Cards for $400 to $400 at first. You don’t have to be stupid and purchase it at that price. As more people buy this product, the price will drop. Wait at least two weeks before purchasing ungraded cards. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and let the price go down a bit. There will be plenty of time for you to purchase those cards. You don’t have to rush.

On average, you have a 36.6% chance to hit a LaMelo ball rookie. You got 110 base cards per package, which equals a 300-card set. That’s a 36.6% chance of hitting a LaMelo Ball rookie. You have a much lower chance of hitting a LaMelo Silver and a meager chance of hitting a LaMelo Auto. With those numbers, you’re not going to pull one. These numbers are not in your favor. This box cost us $2,200. It’s still unbelievable to me that I am saying this.

Let’s find out if we can get the money back. Keep in mind that I will be very generous with the values of these cards. They’ll be slightly less than that, but they will be generous in this instance. Let’s suppose we were fortunate enough to pull a LaMelo Ball Base card. That’s worth $200. A box cost us $2,200. Take $200. We now have $2,000 to recoup from this box. Let’s suppose we are super lucky, super super, and lucky enough to pull a LaMelo Ball card with a silver card. Based on the price of Zion, Zion is a $930 ungraded sterling. LaMelo’s is $1,000, let’s say. This leaves us with another $1,000 we can get back from this box.

 There are 21 more Prizms left. Let’s assume that each one costs ten dollars. This will bring us down to $210, $790 more than we recouped from this box. Let’s assume that the 110 base cards we receive are on average $5 each. This is probably quite high, but it will add $550 worth of value. That brings us down to $240, which we still have to recoup from this box. Let’s assume we get two decent autos. While most autos will be junk, let’s pretend we get two decent ones, which are $50 each. Now we have $140 left to recover from the box. Now we have our inserts. There are 10, and they cost $10 each. This is $100. We are now down to $40. We were just about breaking even with that example. However, to make it even more difficult, we needed to hit a LaMelo ball base and a LaMelo gold. How likely is that? We also had to be at the very top end of every card. It doesn’t seem easy!

Given all of this information, should you buy this box? Always do the best thing for your collection and yourself! These are my thoughts, but this box may not be suitable for you unless you’re a huge-time gambler with an additional 2k. For context, the 2019 Prizm hobby Box, Zion’s year, was $3,200 on eBay. This box contains 144 cards and two autos. What would you prefer to spend your money on? Zion’s year is $3,200, or a less-known draft class at $2,200. You’ll have to decide for yourself. However, both options seem expensive to me.

Do you think this is a good investment? This means that you should not open the box. Keep the container sealed. It could be possible, but it all depends on how LaMelo plays and the performance of other rookies in this class. We’ll need to take some time to determine who it will be. They do have 2012 Prizm throwback cards. That is something I like. As they come out, I expect to see those cards increase in value, especially the LeBron James ones and any rookies from that year. It’s sort of like a secondary, non-real rookie card. I believe they will have some value. It makes the box exciting and adds an unusual angle. However, if you spend 2k on this box and plan to keep it for a few more years, money may not be an issue.

If you have the extra cash, you can quickly sell it within a few years. However, if you are scrapping, you will need to save 2k to purchase this box. This is probably not the best way to invest all your money in one package. If you plan to keep this as a sealed product, make sure you have the financial means to continue to hold it for at least three to five years.

What should you do instead? If you have seen any of my videos, you will know that I believe in a targeted approach. I wouldn’t say I like spending money or time on men I don’t believe in. Let’s say LaMelo is your man. You believe in him. You think he will be one of the top players over the next five to 10 years and are willing to pay $200 to get his Prizm. I think that’s where he will end up. He believes that $200 is a fair price. It may be lower or higher, but that’s what I think.

You could purchase 11 of his base cards for $2,200. This is 11 guaranteed cards. However, by opening the hobby box, we are not able to guarantee any LaMelo Balls. Only 36% of us have the chance to hit that. You could purchase 11 guaranteed LaMelo Ball Cards for $2,200, assuming they are $200. Let’s take, for instance, the PSA 10 rate and the typical percentages of Prizm. We’ll assume that five PSA 10’s are available, while six PSA 9’s are available. They sell for approximately the same price as Zion. This is an example. That’s $700 multiplied five times, which is $3,500 in sales. Six PSA 9’s. Let’s assume you get $225 per pop on these. That’s $13.50. You got a $4,850 value for the $2,200 you invested in the cards and the grading. That’s quite impressive. That’s a lot easier than trying to get a big box.

It’s not exciting, and it’s certainly not as sexy opening the box. However, it’s a way to make money, and it’s a lot easier because you’re investing in a man you believe in. It’s a way to get your cards graded by someone you trust. Imagine what you’ll feel when you receive your PSA submission from the grading agency you choose. You can now say, “Wow! I did my research on these cards. ” I only bought high-quality cards. “I did my best, and I’m getting back cards I believe in.” Grading cards is more than just opening up a hobby box.
If he’s not your guy, and you still want to buy Quickley, or any other card, you should know that everyone else has those cards for $15.27 each. If you can find cards you believe in that have a value of $15 or less, perhaps a little more, you will have the same goods cost as the person who opened it. You also won’t have spent $2,200 on it. Find cards around $15, purchase them, grade them, and repeat the process with a LaMelo. It’s important to know that you only buy cards you believe in. This targeted approach is excellent because you have guys that you believe in. 

Only 1% of us are buying cards at 10k-20k per month. It’s not that many people. Although Instagram may make you think otherwise, 99% of us are tight-knit. We are the hobby. That targeted approach is what I love. You can stick to a budget and still buy the cards you want.
Side note: I know that many of you wanted to buy this product. Many of you got into the hobby in 2020. You know that you purchased Prizm hobby boxes and Prizm cards for Zion’s Year. And you knew you were looking forward to this year because LaMelo Ball is a significant player. This box was quite expensive, and you might be a bit shocked.

Panini has a monopoly in basketball cards. That’s the reality. The only way to end monopolies is not to buy their products. This is a difficult task. Their stuff is widespread, and you want to collect it. If you are truly unhappy about the prices, and I agree with you that they are a bit high, then you can not buy Panini’s cards. This is the only way. This is the only option you have. You know it’s a free marketplace. If you genuinely believe that message, then stand by your words and do not buy the product. Remember that Panini does not care about your wallet. Panini is a great marketing company. They know how to get you excited about their product. They produce a high-quality product. Prizm is a highly sought-after brand in the trading card industry.

They know how to market and what the final sales price for some cards is. PSA 10 certainly reflects this. People believe in their brand, and that’s why they are here to sell cards. Remember that Panini is there to sell cards. It’s why I recommend that you slow down and take your time. These products are not for you to rush. You might think you are missing out on confident guys if your order isn’t made right away. This is false. You won’t miss anything. 

Take your time, and make sure to take your time. All the information you can find from these sources should be taken into consideration. Please take all of the information and combine it into your thoughts. Then, do what you think is best for your collection. Then, you can take a deep breath and let it all sink in; there is no hurry.

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