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Ken Griffey Jr. Cards From 1989 Are Still Attracting Top Dollar

Don’t miss out on Ken Griffey Jr. cards – even 1989 ones! These cards are rare and are still attracting top dollar! If you’re looking for a Ken Griffey rookie card, consider the 1989 Classic Travel set, which most collectors have never heard of. It is a rare and exciting option that impresses your friends.

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What Sports Memorabilia is Worth Money?

The value of sports memorabilia is often connected with the person or moment it represents. The value of memorabilia from legendary people tends to rise over time, and the same is true of certain moments.

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Where to Buy Autographed Sports Memorabilia

Faceoff Sport Canada is one of the best places to shop for sports collectibles. The Faceoff Sports store is home to various collectible items from multiple sports and teams. It is a great way to display your sports memorabilia at home or in the office and bring back fond memories. You can even sign up for autograph news to stay informed on upcoming signings and events.

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How to Insure Sports Memorabilia

Install deadbolt locks on all doors, and consider installing a monitored security system. You can also hire a professional appraiser to assess the value of your collection. If you have an extensive collection, consider purchasing insurance that covers it.

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How to Frame Sports Memorabilia

If you are interested in collecting memorabilia from sports events, you may wonder, “How do I frame sports memorabilia?” There are several options available. These include custom framing, newspaper clippings, souvenir frames, and UV protection.

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