Michael Jordan Rookie Cards Value Soaring: A Guide to Prices and More

Michael Jordan Rookie Cards Value Soaring 1

It’s a great Michael Jordan rookie card isn’t uncommon. It’s not in the traditional sense. PSA has examined more than 17,000 of them on its own, and when you include Beckett and SGC as well as the numerous cards in sets or ungraded, that you don’t need to look far to locate one. But it’s that 1987-87 Fleer Jordan rookie cards are the most sought-after basketball card ever created, and the price continues to rise. Check out the most sought-after Jordan Cards available on eBay below.

There are a variety of Michael Jordan memorabilia to pick up if you’re inclined, and the rookie card is close to on the front of your list.

It’s not as rare as T206 Honus Wagner. T206 Honus Wagner, however, the tale is an updated version of Babe Ruth’s autographed baseball. There are many of them. However, they’re not enough to meet the demands.

Investing in Michael Jordan rookie cards

From the kids who were enthralled by Michael Jordan’s talent and now are capable of purchasing one to people who believe there’s an even more significant potential for growth and have begun investing in Michael Jordan rookie cards, there’s always a demand. In 2009, we reported that top-quality Jordan rookie cards remained an excellent buy, and in reality, dealers have witnessed moderate growth over the past few years. If you heeded our advice in 2009, you’ve been the bandit.

A card that you might have pulled from a 50 cent pack when it was issued is now one of the best sports collecting investment options. Although the product was not a massive sensation in the early days, the rise of Jordan to becoming a global superstar and the increasing popularity of basketball cards has contributed to the increase of the product.

The most critical factor in determining the value your Michael Jordan rookie card is worth is everything to do with the card’s condition. You can’t depend on our naked eyesight. If the card has sharp corners and is aligned without print marks, it’s likely to be awarded a top grade. The process of grading any rookie MJ is worthwhile, though, should you own an ungraded copy and are contemplating selling. Don’t purchase ungraded ones unless you are aware of what to be looking for. There are many fakes.

Best Graded Jordan Rookie Cards

Every company’s scale of grading is slightly different.

A look at the reports indicates Beckett had graded over 10,000 Jordan rookies, with 1,540 Jordan scored Mint 9.5, 514 rated 9.5, and 6 being perfect 10s.

PSA has examined more than 22,000 MJ rookie cards, with around 14 percent graded Mint 9 and more than 300 rated Gem Mint 10.

A little over ten percent of Jordan rookie cards evaluated by SGC have been rated in the form of Mint 9 with only about 20 ratings Gem Mint 10.10 out of 1,798 grades.

The price for mint Jordans (graded as 9) has risen by more than a quarter in the last year. PSA 9s typically struggled to hit $2,000 at the beginning of 2013, but recently they’ve been sold for more than $50,000.

Beckett Gradually graded 9.5. Michael Jordan rookie cards are also hot. Following the sale of a Pristine BGS 10 sold for $100,000, there was a surge in the market for less Graded Jordan rookies. In the past, BGS 9.5 examples have doubled in value to more than $70,000, while BVG 9s, while more abundant, is still a desirable amount. As of the end of summer 2015, 9.5s were sold at the equivalent of $15,300 with a 300 percent increase compared to 2007 when the average price of $15,300 was Fleer Michael Jordan card PSA 10 around $5,000. In 2012, the sales averages fell between $8,000 to $9,500.

It is believed that the PSA 10-year-old PSA Gem Mint Jordan Fleer rookie card has been given an entirely new life. After one was sold for more than $50,000, another was bought for $96,000 three weeks later. In the latter half of the year 2020, two of them crossed over the $200k mark. Then, in early 2021, two cards were sold via Goldin Auctions for more than $700,000. However, prices have since dropped back a bit over the following months (10s are currently between $375,000 and $550,000). Suppose you bought it in the year before 2021; congratulations. You’ve made a modest profit.

“There are significant high net worth individuals who have decided to put millions of dollars into sports cards,” said Ken Goldin, Founder of Goldin Auctions. The number of people who are interested in growing every day.”

The prices for Michael Jordan rookie cards in all grades have dropped somewhat from their impressive levels during 2016. However, the market settled gave collectors and investors more certainty. In the wake of the “Last Dance” series on ESPN providing worldwide exposure towards the 1990s Bulls beginning in spring 2020, the demand for the top-graded Jordan cards increased over the traditional collection of sports cards.

From September 2013 until February 20, 2014, no Jordan card was graded 8.5 (NM/MTplus) by PSA could be purchased for more than $1000. Since that time, the median cost has risen by five to six figures. Even Jordans with a pretty poor condition are now selling for highly reasonable prices.

Even if you’ve bought MJ new cards at one time, you’ve done exceptionally well. If you’re holding one ungraded, you should get it evaluated. Now. Even if the test doesn’t come out high, it’s worth the price and the long wait.

One reason for the attraction and value that comes with Michael Jordan rookie cards may be lasting is the popularity of basketball as a sport played worldwide. There are collectors of basketball worldwide who would love to own the chance to own a Jordan player, which boosts the already high demand. There is also interest from investors who have observed the remarkable performances of what is now the most sought-after basketball card ever.

It’s worth noting that the Jordan-themed sticker from the initial set in the 1980s has also been rising in value, with the highest-end examples. It’s not something to ignore. The MJ sticker has evolved into an investment with its own.

A live listing of the top ‘watched’ evaluated Jordan rookie cards currently available in auctions on eBay is listed below. It’s a great way to look over the bidding process for these cards that have been deemed the “best of the best” and are updated every half every hour. There’s also an updated list of the majority that are the top seen Jordan cards, including a few of his signed Upper Deck issues here.

Sell Your Michael Jordan Rookie Card


The most efficient method of selling the certified Michael Jordan rookie card is via eBay. You can sign up to purchase or trade this site. It is possible to put your item for auction or sale within a matter of minutes and receive the sale price posted to your account immediately following the auction.

If you own an ungraded card but prefer someone else to handle the process for you and love the marketing that comes with it, you could contact any of our auction firms who advertise on our site. They are known for selling high-quality Jordan rookies.

Are you interested in checking out the most popular Jordan rookie cards that are up for auction now? Take a look at the live auction list below. You can check back at any time to know what the market will look like as sellers sell their most popular cards.

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