TOP 5 MICHAEL JORDAN Autographs you need in your collection!


So with no sports at this point it seems like everyone has been tuned into this whole Last Dance documentary. Every single person I’ve talked to has absolutely loved this thing. I haven’t seen any of it at all. I don’t have enough time to watch it, but I’ve heard good reviews on this documentary and it’s absolutely the best thing on TV right now according to everyone I’ve talked to.

That being said, Michael Jordan is already an iconic athlete around the world. His collection of autographs, stickers and all that kind of stuff has already been very high, but it has gone up and up and up and up with this latest ball, and with so many new collectors and new people getting interested in Michael Jordan autographed stuff, it got me thinking. What would be the top 5 autographed items? Just autographed items, not Fleer rookie cards, although those are absolutely 100% cool. So the top 5 autographed items you need to have in your collection.

Now, before we get started, let’s talk about authenticity when it comes to Michael Jordan. I’m going to try to keep this speech very short. Michael Jordan has always signed with Upper Deck, the collectible card company, Upper Deck Authenticated. All of his legitimate autographs are basically going to come from Upper Deck. Yes, there are third party authenticated autographs with JSA, PSA and Beckett, but for any paid autograph signings, they all come with Upper Deck Authenticated. No other company. Now, with that said, there are a couple of issues and a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing your Michael Jordan autographed item.

Number one. Upper Deck lost their online database before 2002, so if you have a Jordan item signed before 2002, you have to email them a picture of your item and your certificate and all that kind of stuff so they can verify it somehow. To me that’s very unreliable, so I’d rather not do that. If you are going to do it, make sure the autograph is authenticated by JSA, PSA or Beckett. Unless you are a Michael Jordan autograph expert, that’s the way to go. Please be sure to have someone else take a look at it.

The second thing is that you can also buy something that is already authenticated by JSA, PSA or Beckett that doesn’t come with a product authentication which is probably a signature that was signed at a golf event or something. Those are perfectly valid as well. So you can feel pretty good about buying stuff like that.

The third and probably the most important. The best way, but also the most expensive way, is to buy directly from Upper Deck. Now Upper Deck just raised their Michael Jordan prices. I think the jerseys are now $8,000, so if you go to their website and try to buy something like that it’s going to be super expensive, so people are trying to find deals everywhere. I totally get that, but please don’t be a fool and buy a t-shirt from China on Facebook marketplace. It’s not real. Jordan never signed Chinese jerseys for Upper Deck. So don’t do that. Don’t be a fool. Do some research, follow a couple of these steps here, make sure other people take a look at the autograph. If you’re not sure, take your time. It’s a great investment.

So with that said let’s get into the list here. The top five autographed items you need to have in your collection, and number five is a Michael Jordan autographed baseball. What? Yes, of course, we can’t talk about Michael Jordan’s career without talking about his baseball career. Of course he left the Chicago Bulls to play baseball with the White Sox. In fact, I sold a helmet and jersey of his during the White Sox era, and they are absolutely cool.

Autographed baseballs are cool because they are smaller in size and are probably one of the most affordable Jordan autographs. Last time I checked some baseballs at Upper Deck were about $1,000 or so. So it’s not terrible. They’re on these weird old Wilson baseballs. They’re not on any current MLB balls, so if you see something like that, it’s probably an in-person signature or something you need to be wary of. Jordan autographed baseballs are cool. Everyone who sees it in your collection will say, “I remember when Jordan played baseball!” and all that kind of stuff, so it’s a really cool and unique item to have in your collection.

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