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Are you gearing up for an autograph signing with your favorite football player? If so, make sure you know what to get signed! In this blog post, we’ll give you a few tips on what to bring to the signing and what to ask the player to sign. Let’s get started!

How to Get a Player’s Autograph?

There are many ways to get a player’s autograph.

You can ask the player for an autograph during training camp, after practice, in the locker room, outside their home stadium before/after a game or even at an event where they’re attending as a guest – just to name a few methods.

However, if you’re lucky enough to attend an official signing, you’ll want to bring something with you that’s easy for them to sign!

What to Get Signed by Your Favorite Player?

When it comes time for your favorite football player’s official signing event, make sure you have any materials necessary to execute the mission! If you already have what you need at home (such as frames), then great!

Just make sure that you have them ready for the signing event, or you can pick up what you require at the company that’s hosting the signing.

It’s advisable to avoid bringing items not listed below, as certain players might not be able to sign anything else besides official memorabilia he has approval to sign.

By limiting what you bring, it’ll allow for a faster autograph line and make sure your favorite player stays for fans who brought standard memorabilia!

Autograph signing featuring

NFL players such as Carson Wentz, Rob Gronkowski and Mike Daniels

Here are a few guidelines to follow when you get ready for an autograph signing:

• Bring items that your player can easily sign. Make sure you bring sharpie markers and not red pens! Sharpies work best for glossy photos and other items – so make sure you have them available before the event! If you’re bringing multiple items, it’s ideal to place each item in its own individual bag. This will allow your player to see what he’s signing more clearly and will let him know how many items he has signed at once. Keep in mind that some players might only be able to sign one or two at once due to time constraints.

• If you bring multiple items, make sure they’re in sequential order. This will save the player time because it’ll be easier for him to know which item goes where. Plus, it’ll let your favorite player know what number he’s signing if you have multiples of the same item! For example, if you have two 8×10 photos of a player, place them side-by-side so that he knows how many multiples are being signed at once. Also, you can even spell out his number on each photo with an erasable marker before giving them to the celebrity/athlete! This way there’s no confusion over whether or not he signs both or just one!

• Make sure you bring enough items for your player to sign (and even a few extra in case he runs out). If you’re one of the first fans in line, be aware that it might take some time for him to finish up all of his autograph obligations.

• Consider bringing an item with you that has your favorite football player signing a message to you! This will make a unique piece of memorabilia and can serve as a special conversation starter between you and your player.

• Be sure to have used proper etiquette when asking for an autograph. Make sure you ask your player if he’s able to sign at the event or if they’re only able to do so during training camp/practice – just to name a few examples.

Sports Memorabilia

If you’re looking for memorabilia of your favorite player, try autographed photos! They’ve become more common recently, so there’s no better time than now to get them personalized. You can even find full-sized helmets with the football player’s signature on it – this is perfect for a sports room or collection!

Cheerleaders and cheer teams also make great collectibles, especially when signed by a player from their NFL team! If you have a specific photo of a cheerleader with an eligible football player, then you should definitely bring that along to any upcoming autograph signing – she’ll be very happy that you did!

Advantages of get autographed sport memorabilia items:

  • Update your personal collection
  • it is autograph authenticated
  • professional athletes official signed items
  • unique items like a baseball card
  • trading card
  • get money if you decided to sell
  • constantly new products
  • selling at good prices
  • get officially brand
  • your items will be very high valuable
  • top item signed
  • amazing signed photo
  • sell on the market as an investment

NFL Players Signing Autographs

NFL players who have been training their whole life, as well as those who have been playing for a while now, will have memorabilia readily available. If you want something signed by a specific football player, it’s best to purchase your favorite player’s jersey before the day of the event. This way there won’t be a need to bring any additional items, and you’ll be able to get your jersey or favorite player’s photo signed in addition!

Remember – NFL players signing autographs only have a limited time frame to sign before they need to move on to the next fan! This makes it important for you to bring appropriate memorabilia so that the player will have an easy way of knowing where to sign and what number he’s signing at the event.

Good luck and happy collecting!


Your Questions Answered

Now that we know what kinds of items are best to bring, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about getting an autograph at an official signing. Below are common questions along with their answers:

How do you get something signed by a football player?

You can get something signed by a player either at an autograph signing event or during practice. Be sure to go early so that you get one of the first few spots in line!

When is the best time to ask for an autograph from a football player?

Asking an athlete/celebrity for their autograph is always the best when they are not busy. If you wait until there is a long line of people, then he will have to rush through the process to make it quick – which is not always great for quality or time!

What if I don’t know what to ask for an autograph on?

If this question even crosses your mind, you probably didn’t bring the right items with you! A simple photo will do just fine, but if you want to get an autograph on more than just one item, then it would be best to get a jersey or football card of your favorite player.

What is the rarest signature?

The rarest signature in the faceoff sports opinion is that of a rookie. Signing an autograph from an athlete who has just joined the league is very rare!

How do autograph signings work?

Different players have different rules to their autograph signings. Some may only allow certain types of items for signing, whereas others will sign as many items as you want – it all depends on the player and his agent!

How do you get an NFL game signature?

To get an NFL game signature, you would need to be in attendance at the football game itself. Some players will sign autographs during halftime or after a win, so try to head down to the field once your team comes up big!

As you can see, there are many ways to get a player’s autograph. Have you tried any of them?

If not, it may be time to start looking for your favorite football player at an upcoming signing event or in our online store, where we have items that will make the perfect sports memorabilia addition to your collection!

Which one of these methods did work best for you when trying to procure signatures from NFL players?

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